Thursday, October 22, 2009

From Development 2.0 to Development Squared: what skills for the aid sector of the future?

Here's some very interesting thoughts from fellow World Bank colleague, Giulio Quaggiotto.  It's especially important that college students and young professionals read it because of the inherent technical/technological deficiencies many of them have. These are the same youth that then ask why they never get jobs in prestigious, large, well-renowned organizations. Well, it's because the landscape is changing so drastically, but we just aren't keeping up! And this means moving away from book/rote knowledge and moving towards experiential learning and on-the-job training that must yield results/knowledge enhancement quickly. No time to sit and think - just learn, empower, move forward.
Read, enjoy and spread the wealth!
From Development 2.0 to Development Squared: what skills for the aid sector of the future?

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Google LatLong: Powerful IT for disaster relief

Imagine my good fortune a few Thursdays ago, as I walked into Google's funky DC offices (is that an oxymoron? can offices be funky in DC?) to be greeted by a mini-army of cheerful, up-beat, enthusiastic Googlers. They had assembled from all over the country to see how we - in the public/NGO sector - could partner with Google and use their technologies to help in minimizing casualties and losses in global disasters. I met some of their amazing tech gurus and other disaster management experts from many different organizations. It was a great experience!

All credit of course goes to Jen Mazzon who was a superb host and great partnership-builder. I look forward to working with their team soon. meanwhile, here are some resources from the event im sure many people would be interested in seeing:

Google LatLong: Powerful IT for disaster relief

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

"Inside Islam" NYC Film Premiere - Tuesday, Nov. 10th

For my friends in NYC! Please do spread the word!

cordially invite you to:

The New York City Premiere of
Inside Islam: What a Billion Muslims Really Think - A UPF Film

Please join us for the screening and a panel discussion at:

The Scholastic Auditorium, 557 Broadway, NY, NY  (SoHo)
Tuesday, November 10th, 2009
7:00 - 10:00 pm (Doors open at 6:30 pm

Keynote Speaker:  
Alex Kronemer, Executive Producer & Co-Founder of UPF

To purchase your ticket, go here:

For more information about the event please see attached flyer or email

To RSVP to this event go to our facebook event
 or email us at

We thank our partners - the Interfaith Center and the Council for the Advancement of Muslim Professionals (CAMP) for their support

About the movie:

Inside Islam, a new documentary film from Unity Productions Foundation (UPF), explores the expertly gathered opinions of Muslims around the globe as revealed in the world's first major opinion poll, conducted by Gallup, the preeminent polling organization.  As part of the groundbreaking six-year project, Gallup conducted tens of thousands of interviews with residents in 35 predominantly Muslim nations, as well as populations in Europe and the USA.  The broad extent of the polling has delivered findings for the world's 1.4 billion Muslims with a plus or minus accuracy of 3%. 
Executive Producers:  Michael Wolfe, Alex Kronemer (Muhammad: Legacy of a Prophet, Cities of Light: The Rise and fall of Islamic Spain, Prince among Slaves.)
Directed by:  Rob Gardner (Arab and Jew: Return to the Promised Land; Cities of Light:  The Rise and fall of Islamic Spain; Egypt: Quest for Immortality)
The film's hugely successful World Premiere was held in Washington, DC earlier this year with guest speaker Former Secretary of State Dr. Madeline Albright. At this event, thousands of guests had the opportunity to see the movie; and based on the broad exposure and attention garnered from this event there have been numerous private showings and screenings across the country.  We are thrilled that a premiere in New York City is one of the many screenings being held across America as part of the world tour for this exciting movie. We hope that New Yorkers will help us host many more events in the Big Apple.
About UPF:
Our mission is to build a respected media foundation, creating high-quality films for worldwide broadcast and long-term educational campaigns that increase understanding and dialogue among the world's spiritual and cultural traditions.
Our vision is to be a catalyst for ending the "Clash of Civilizations."  Part of that vision is a future where Islam and Muslims are understood in a wider, contemporary social context and Muslims are part of the modern social fabric.  Visit