Wednesday, April 26, 2006

NY Event: Challenges facing the Islamic World - Wednesday, May 10th; 6-8 PM

I'm really excited about this event that i'm organizing with an amazing group called Americans for Informed Democracy (AID). Please come and/or help spread the word!



Challenges facing the

Islamic World

A talk by

Mowahid Hussain Shah

Minister and Special Assistant to the

Chief Minister, PunjabPakistan

With Introductory Comments by

Muhammad Haroon Shaukat

Consul General of Pakistan in New York City

Mowahid Shah will discuss issues relating to what fuels Muslim unrest and causes tensions between the Muslim world and the West. He will strive to identify how these challenges can be met and a common ground be sought.

Mowahid Hussain Shah, Special Assistant to the Chief Minister of Punjab, is an Attorney-at-law, author, and political analyst. He served as Advisor to the Prime Minister of Pakistan in 2004 and in addition to being an editor of the Eastern Times, has also served as Vice President of the Foreign Correspondents Association of the United States. Mowahid Shah's works have been published in The Christian Science Monitor, The Washington Post, Worldview, and Middle East Insight. He has served as a political commentator on television and radio on C-Span, CNN, BBC, Fox, VOA, and NBC and has also been a frequent lecturer at the U.S. State Department's Foreign Service Institute.

CUNY Graduate Center

365 Fifth Avenue, 34th Street

Room 4102

Wednesday, May 10th, 6-8 PM

Refreshments will be provided

Co-sponsored by the Political Science Department
at the CUNY Graduate Center