Wednesday, April 18, 2007

NY Event: War and Occupation in Iraq - 5/8

Global Policy Forum

Join Us!

For the introduction of a major new report
"War and Occupation in Iraq"
and to support the work of
Global Policy Forum

Special Guest - Denis Halliday, Former UN Humanitarian Coordinator for Iraq

Date: Tuesday May 8, 2007
Time: 6:30-8:30 PM
Place: Home of Dinni Gordon, 317 East 10th street, Apt. 1 (between Aves. A & B)

Suggested donation: $50; VIP donation: $100

RSVP: or call (212) 557-3161

NY Event: The Risks and Challenges of Microfinance Lending for Low-Income Entrepreneurs in the Developing World - 4/24

The Risks and Challenges of Microfinance Lending for Low-Income Entrepreneurs in the Developing World
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Registration & Questions

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in cooperation with
The Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in New York
invites you to join us:

The Risks and Challenges of Microfinance Lending for Low-Income Entrepreneurs in the Developing World

To register for this event and for inquiries, please contact UNA-NY YPIC's Interim Chair, Andrea Satter, at

Please click here for complete event and panelist details:

Tuesday, April 24, 2007
Panel discussion: 6:30 pm
Reception following panel discussion

Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in New York
1 East 42nd Street, New York, NY

UNA members - $10 | Non members $15

* Mary Ellen Iskenderian, President and CEO, Women's World Banking
* Ambassador Andrew Li-Yan Hsia, Director General, Taipei Economic & Cultural Office in New York

Discussion Outline:
Our panel discussion will focus on the risks and challenges of Microfinance lending for low-income entrepreneurs in the developing world, in particular the potential risks of microfinance from the borrower's perspective:

· What is the effect on the individual borrower when socially irresponsible practices are implemented by financial institutions that invest in Microfinance?
· How are unethical practices kept in check, if at all?
· How do financial institutions justify interest rates, a policy that by many may be perceived as unethical when lending to the poor?
· Does this affect efficient economic growth prospects for those in poor countries who seek loans?

The discussion will also touch on the challenges MFIs face in terms of their internal restraints, such as lack of professional capacity, lack of expertise, and inherent challenges in serving the poor, as well as external constraints, including unfair competition, government regulation, corruption, the inherent challenges of emerging markets and the fact that many investors who do not understand the industry lack the expertise to decide where to invest in Microfinance.

Warm regards,

United Nations Association of New York's Young Professionals for International Cooperation

NY Event: Tribeca Film Festival: SHAME, Documentary Film - 5/2

NY Event: Working Towards Peace in Darfur: Our Responsibilities as Muslims - 4/22

Young refugee in IDP camp:

El-Fasher (capital of Northern Darfur)

Photo by Sammer Aboelela

Muslims for Justice in Darfur


Working Towards Peace in Darfur:

Our Responsibilities as Muslims

Sunday, April 22nd, 5pm


Imâm Al-Hâjj Tâlib ‘Abdur-Rashîd

Author of A Muslim Manifesto on Darfur and Imam, Mosque of the Islamic Brotherhood

Matthew Emry

Recently returned from visit to Darfur, Senior Program Officer for Conflict and Emergency Regions, American Jewish World Service


Representative from Darfurian Community

Darfur Rehabilitation Project

Reverend Herbert Daughtry

Also recently returned from visit to Darfur, Religious Leaders of African Ancestry for Darfur


NYU - 200 series, Thompson Center, 238 Thompson Street, New York, NY

For more information, please call: (718) 512 5176 or (917) 414 8453

Co-Sponsors: Mosque of the Islamic Brotherhood, Muslim Graduate Students’ Group, NYU

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

It's raining, it's pouring...

I never realized the sort of mishaps that can occur when it rains as heavily as it did the past few days. Take, for example, newspapers. Now even when wet, one would think they could be a potential retarding force if you slip. Quite the contrary, actually! I witnessed firsthand yesterday how newspapers can be potentially very harmful, and wanted to pass a word of caution on to my readers. Especially those of you who read free papers and then dont dispose properly. The gentleman who slipped on a newspaper yesterday did so on a free Metro. It wasnt a pleasant sight and he couldve gotten injured pretty badly.

So, in sum, please be considerate of those around you. Dispose of waste properly and please be careful with umbrellas!

There. Done with my preaching for the day...