Thursday, September 27, 2007

Thoughts on Ahmedinejad visit to Columbia

These may be a bit late, but some of my random thoughts have been succinctly summed up aptly in this article authored by my friend Jayati Vora, a Columbia U./SIPA alum.

I know there are divergent views on his speech both at Columbia and at the UN, so i'll save those for my visitors who can voice them in the comments section, but I will say that President Lee Bollinger of Columbia U. was in fact, the real disappointment in this whole affair. He stooped pretty low and displayed a certain arrogance that is uncharacteristic of people of such stature.

Columbia's students must be dumbfounded as to how they should feel after this interesting event on their campus.

In any case, Jayati's article sums up my views quite well.