Sunday, February 08, 2009

Jerusalem Post article: Hagana weapons cache found in Hod Hasharon synagogue

Does this not remind you of all the allegations made by Israelis that Hamas hides/operates in/within civilian areas? Do I smell hypocrisy? Seems like enemies really do learn from one another - and that some things never change.

NYT op-ed: Why the Muslim World Can’t Hear Obama

This op-ed piece is perhaps the closest any mainstream media outlet will come to echoing my sentiments on America's new president - Barack Obama.

Several months before he even won the election, his rhetoric on Israel (Jerusalem will be the undivided capitol of Israel, he said to an AIPAC audience) and his silence on Gaza (only one President at a time, he said) disappointed me. For someone who has made the english language beautiful again, these statements - and absence of them - makes little sense to me.

I am cautiously optimistic. I will give him the benefit of the doubt, because he was Illinois's "junior senator". He does not have all the requisite foreign policy experience one might need in his position. But he has the resources at hand to help solve these problems. I will give him time. Many more will, as well. But for how long? The world can't wait. Actions speak louder than words.

Jump into the deep end - i'm finally back!

Knowledge is power, and I always hope to empower those who visit my blog in the hope of quenching their thirst for knowledge. I offer my apologies for not updating the blog as regularly as I can/should, since so much has happened that is dear to me, yet I still relegated my duty to empower and let it slip to a lower priority. I am sorry.

But, the good news is that I am back! And with a bang, I hope? My good friend from the UN, Dalai Fazio, a capable, accomplished young graduate of Rutgers and Seton Hall's Whitehead School, has started a great blog on diplomacy and power, titled, quite aptly, "Conversations on Diplomacy and Power Politics". He was awfully kind in asking me to engage in a dialogue for a podcast on the current scenario in India-Pakistan relations, with a focus on relations in the aftermath of the Mumbai attack. Please visit the blog and listen/download, comment, and feel free to spread the word, if you deem it worthy.

Meanwhile, I will update my blog more regularly. Should you come across issues, articles, thoughts that deserve a wider audience, please let me know. Some voices deserve - and need - the greater amplification, and I am happy to provide an alternative platform.